Av. Queiroz Filho
nº 1700 - Bloco D | Sala 902
Vila Hamburguesa
São Paulo - SP
CEP 05319-000
Fone: (11) 4153-5357
(11) 4302-5660
Celular: (11) 9 9611-9629
Qualidade Garantida

From the cut to the finishing, our process of production always prizes the lasting and the stetic of our products. With reinforced stitchings and finishings, the itens mades by Walmory & Walmory are manufactured with resistent and confiable materials.


Alças ajustáveis   Bordados delicados   Relevos detalhados
Adjustable holders
Accurate Embroideries
Detailed emboss
Costuras reforçadas   Detalhes e compartimentos   Materiais impermeáveis
Reinforced stitchings
Details and inside-pockets
Impermeable materials

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